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Missing the Big Game? No Hot Water? Ruined Food? You can afford to have your Major Appliances or Electronics out of order very long! Give yourself Peace of Mind and protect yourself from unexpected repair expenses with a Sears Master Protection Agreement, the most comprehensive protection agreement in the industry and our highest level of coverage.

Wow! Imagine buying peace of mind for $129.99 – who passes that up? Certainly not a busy girl splitting time between a full time job and three children. That girl would be a fool to pass up the opportunity to have the highest level of coverage so she doesn’t have to waste her time trying to figure out why her dishwasher doesn’t work.

But that girl learned her lesson after 13 hours spent trying to get service, 5 in-home service calls and 41 days of non-use on a dishwasher that cost over $700. Peace of mind? I don’t think so.

As it turns out, I spent $129.99 on the Master Protection Agreement that I assumed would give me “Peace of Mind,” but, that instead robbed me of my time – and I want that back. In dollars, that coordinates to well over $1,000 for an attorney that has been billed out at more than several hundred dollars per hour. And worse, I am now about to be faced with the next “ask” on the lemon of the dishwasher that remains unfixed in my kitchen – my “master protection agreement” will expire next May and I’m sure that the wait times to buy a new warranty won’t look nearly as bad as this –

And, not to get all legal on Sears, but – where do you get off telling me I don’t qualify for replacement? Do the research on your own – here is the fine print in the “Master Protection Agreement” –

Some limitations and exclusions apply. See the Terms & Conditions of the Protection Agreement.

For those of you not wanting to link all over the place – here is the “terms & conditions” as referenced on the Sears website:

No Lemon Policy: After three (3) service repairs have been completed on an individual product, for the same defect, and that individual product requires a fourth (4th) repair, as determined by us, we will replace it with a product of comparable performance not to exceed the original purchase price, or issue a voucher, gift card, or a check, equal to the original product purchase price as indicated on your sales receipt, including sales tax…

Sears was given plenty of opportunities to try to fix this, just ask employee #15253 in the “Escalation division,” the four repair men that stopped by to work on the lemon or James @searscares on twitter. I didn’t want to donate another several hours of my life to taking my rants public, but, I also think people should know the real cost of the “Master Protection Agreement” which is clearly more than $129.99.

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