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Although wildly popular across the country, BMG carried one of its stunts too far. Romanucci & Blandin, LLC filed a lawsuit against BMG for its esphogeal camera stunt gone wrong. The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday as follows:

If you haven’t seen the act that’s mentioned in the suit, it goes something like this: A rhythmic thump of rock music serves as the soundtrack to the commotion near the front of the stage. An audience memeber is getting worked over by a blue-painted bald guy dressed in black. The entertainer places a camera near the audience member’s mouth, and what appears to be the inside of his mouth (but really it’s a pre-recorded medical video) is broadcast on a large sceen.

The Blue Man Group says the bit is an illusion and the camera never enters the mouth, including in this instance.

The suit is in its infant stages now, says Antonio Romanucci, attorney for plaintiff James Srodon.

“I’m not even sure Blue Man Group have even been served with the appropriate paperwork yet. Not much has happened with it at all,” he says.

“Blue Man Group may have been performing this stunt without incident for years and years — that’s not to say that a stunt can’t go wrong.

“The bigger issue in the value of entertainment is the price that you pay on the ticket. And we’re not talking about a situation where Mr. Srodon or anybody else sitting in his seat was aware and acknowledged that he would be used as part of the show like at a basketball game or hockey game where people are asked to come out on the court and participate in games. … This was a much different circumstance.”

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