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A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience highlights the substantial problem of emergency surgery for individuals taking Pradaxa (dabigatran). Pradaxa’s effect, acting as an anticoagulant, cannot be rapidly reversed in order to perform emergency surgery, causing uncontrollable bleeding.

The study identifies the pros and cons of Pradaxa, weighing the usefulness of this drug, marketed as a better alternative to Warfarin, against its severe risks. Determining that the risks of Pradaxa are great, the authors conclude, “It is only a matter of time before we see case reports of irreversible bleeding during dabigatran-treated surgical emergencies and urgent attention must be paid to the provision of an effective, rapidly acting antidote. Surely it is irresponsible of any pharmaceutical company to release such a drug into the market and promote it extensively as a potential life-saving replacement for existing therapies without fully detailing the very real risk of irreversible hemorrhagic complications following trauma or at emergency surgery, no matter how small the numbers at such risk may be. These patients cannot be regarded simply as collateral damage.”


  1. Gravatar for Bob Tilley

    I have recently been advised by heart Dr. to take pradaxa two times a day. Now I've seen on T.V. and your take on this drug. What am I to expect and more so what do I do now?

  2. Gravatar for Steven Davis

    First, make sure you read the label that comes with the medication. It was recently updated and now has more safety information than before.

    Second, be sure to discuss any of your concerns with your doctor. Discuss the fact that there's no reversal agent. Discuss whether your kidney function needs to be monitored, and whether a baseline needs to be established. Discuss the other medications (such as warfarin) that might work instead of Pradaxa, and whether any of those are a better option for you.

    Finally, remember that you always have the option of seeking a second opinion if your physician isn't able to answer your questions and address your concerns in a way that gives you peace.

  3. Gravatar for pradaxa lawsuit
    pradaxa lawsuit

    I agree with that. Always seek a second opinion. Even though it may be costly, even though it takes form your time, always seek another opinion. It's your health after all.

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