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Scary Halloween Treats: Keeping an Eye Out for Melamine

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With the recent development of tens of thousands of Chinese infants falling ill from milk powder that contained melamine, consumers might find it wise to keep an eye on candy products produced in China this Halloween.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recalled Sherwood Brand’s Pirate’s Gold Milk Chocolate Coins, which were made in China, because they tested positive for melamine. The FDA maintains that the product was only distributed in Canada, but that they are still keeping an eye on the situation.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, FDA spokeswoman Stephanie Kwisnek said the FDA has taken aggressive action since the melamine scare began in September to ensure the safety of all food, including candy, including additional inspections and testing of imports. She noted that few products containing melamine have been detected and no illnesses have been reported.

Many American candy companies have issued statements that their products are not produced in China, or do not contain any milk.

At this point, the best solution is for candy companies to continue diligent testing to make sure the products are safe. Despite such precautions, the fact that many American companies have candy imported from China is enough of a red flag to play it safe this Halloween and take candy labeled “Made in China” from their children.