Chicago-Land, Illinois


Nick Avgerinos

Mind the Gap: Bridge Safety Still Falling Short

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” With all the hidden traps that technology sets, it’s easy to worry that the world will soon be crumbling all around us. And, as we have seen with…

Nick Avgerinos

Cramped Quarters: Freak Accident Seriously Injures Metra Rider

With gas prices soaring, many are opting for a greener commute: the train. The Chicago Tribune recently noted this trend, explaining that many commuters are left to pack into the aisles,…

Courtney Mills

Train Derails in Chicago's South Side

An Amtrak passenger train traveling from Grand Rapids struck the rear of a parked Norfolk Southern Freight train earlier this morning on Chicago’s south side. As a result of the crash, some 45 passengers were taken to area hospitals, among whom six were seriously injured.According to media reports, there were 187 passengers on the train. The six passengers suffering from critical injuries…

Chrissie Cole

NTSB Blames Chicago Transit Authority for Subway Delrailment

A faulty maintenance operation and track inspection were both main factors in last year’s Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) subway derailment that was responsible for injuring over 150 people, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).A report released today states, the NTSB also determined insufficient time was allowed for inspections and limited training of inspectors also…